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Lotus Story,  Volume 1. Video. 1948 - 1959. The very early years. See Chapman Clark Allison, Hill, Ireland.  Colour. 52 min.
$29.95 - £ 12,95

Lotus Story,  Volume 2. Video. 1959 - 1962. All the major races and personalities of the era are featured. Moss at Monaco 1960, Le Mans 24hr race, the tracic events of ’61, the Dutch GP debut of the Lotus 25. Together with superb archive race action, fascinating detail, and revealing interviews with Duckworth, Ireland, Wagstaff, Moss, Taylor. Colour. 52 min.
$29.95 - £ 12,95     

The Lotus Story, Volume 3. Video. 1963 - 1968. These years were perhaps the truly golden years for Colin Chapman and Lotus, for this was a period when the skill and ability of the late Jim Clark brought the team some of the most prized awards in motorsport. In this third volume of a compelling video series, the full and fascinating history of one of Britain's best-loved motor racing teams continues. Featured is Clark's battle against the surprising Brabham resurgence, and the strengthening of the link between Lotus and Ford with the Mark 1 Lotus Cortina. Thrill to superb action shots as Clark and Hill triumph in the Tasman series of 1968 and Clark's final victory. Colour. 52 min.
$29.95 - £ 12,95

Lotus Story,  Volume 4. Video. Subtitled: 1968 Onwards - The Final Chapman Years. This volume details the development of the Type 72 - the most successful GP car of all time until 1986 (when McLaren’s TAG Turbo overtook  its record), the Lotus 78, and the ‘Black Beauty’ Lotus 79. Ultimately the legacy that Chapman’s Team Lotus left F1 racing was the technological development and inventiveness that redirected the course of race car design which continues today. Neville Hay recounts momentous Lotus events, together with superb archive race action, fascinating detail, and revealing interviews. Colour. 52 min.
$29.95 - £ 12,95

Elise on  Video. The Inside Story. 150 min. full of fun. This is the full, inside Story of the Lotus Elise. A fascinating behind-the-scenes look into the design, testing and production of this multi award winning sportscar. Share the tensions and triumphs of the Lotus design teams as they work against the clock, combining cutting edge technologies with that legendary Lotus 'spirit' to produce a truly radical racecar for the road. First shown on the Discovery Channel, this fascinating double video is a must for anyone with a passion for sportscars and an interest in car design.
An exclusive behind the scenes look at the development, testing and production of the world’s most exciting new sportscar. Discover the inside of the car’s new technologies - including its extruded aluminium chassis. Follow the prototypes as they’re tested to destruction, put through gruelling winter tests in the Swiss Alps and dramatic brake tests on the hazardous Stelvio pass in Italy. Available now in the USA NTSC and European PAL system.
$ 35,95 - £ 19,95

THE CLASSIC LOTUS ELAN PLUS TWO. This video runs for 2 hours and 17 minutes. We start with a look at the history and different model types with some lovely shots of Elans as well as the 26R Racing version, the Elite, 23B and type 18. Top Lotus specialist PAUL MATTY then goes through what to look for when buying an Elan. We then move on to a look at living with an Elan including interviews with owners and an interview with GRAHAM ARNOLD who runs Club Lotus. Its back then to PAUL MATTY for a look at servicing, this section does not try to replace the workshop manual but does try to expand on it, how do you reduce the cam cover oil leaks? Check the front suspension for wear? Set the handbrake up so it works? etc. etc. In the last 50 minutes of the film we talk to KEN SNAILHAM at Q.E.D.(one of the top twin cam engine rebuilders and tuners in the country) about buying and tuning the twincam engine, we talk to PAT THOMAS of KELVEDON LOTUS (historic lotus dealer and racer) about improving the handling, brakes and safety, and we have a look at some of the products that SPYDER ENGINEERING have to offer to the Elan owner. The video concludes with a look at a round of the Paul Matty Hillclimb Championship and at  Harewood hillclimb.Video and booklet. Available now in the USA/Japan NTSC and European PAL (VHS) system.
$ 35,95 - £ 19,95

THE CLASSIC LOTUS ELAN. Similar to the above. This professional video runs for 2 hours about the small Elan only. Available now in the USA/Japan NTSC and European PAL (VHS) system.
$ 35,95 - £ 19,95

Lotus. Best of British! Thanks largely to its founder Colin Chapman, the name Lotus is synonymous with innovation. From humble beginnings in North London, Chapman and his cars went on to international acclaim via a succession of stunning road going vehicles and genius on the racing circuits of the world.
In this superb programme wonderful footage of the Seven, the Elite and the Elan; the Europa, Eclat and Exige deliver a heady mix of style and performance whilst the saloon 'specials' - Cortina, Sunbeam and Carlton evoke memories of motoring thrills both on and off the track.
Thanks to unprecedented access to the Lotus factory and its test track, you can also enjoy an exclusive look at the building of the new Lotus Elise II and testing with the awesome Esprit V8 and the new Elise 111S. On-board and track cams record the action. The GP era is not forgotten with Classic Team Lotus giving you a unique glimpse behind the scenes.
This is the story behind the famous green and yellow ACBC badge. High quality archive and modern footage, spanning 1952 to the present day, blend with an authoritative commentary to take you through fifty years of automotive adventure and innovation. Including a interview with Cosworth founder Mike Costin and Keith Duckworth. It's a worthy salute to Lotus, truly the Best of British! 97 minutes
£ 15,95

Nine Days in Summer.
A highly collectable programme that concentrates on the exciting 1967 debut and development of the Ford Cosworth DFV engine in the back of the Team Lotus 49 cars of Jim clark and Graham Hill. The footage is interspersed with action from 9 GP races. Fascinating! This Ford promotion film tells two stories which run parallel to each other, the development of a new engine and the personalities behind it. This film is a true classic. 50 mins. VHS.
$ 29,95 - £ 12,95