T H E   N E W   E L A N

Lotus Elan. Marc Hughes, discover the new Elan  M 100 of the Nineties from the board room to the Hethel circuit test track. Backed by over 200 pictures, styling sketches, technical data and drawings. Done with the co-operation of Lotus, get all the inside details, and learn of the controversy that went into the development of the new Elan. 200 ill., b/w, 21 colour. Sold out worldwide. Here in stock.
$ 69,95 - £ 39,95

Elan, SE, British motoring magazines about the new Elan M 100. This is a brochure of contemporary road tests, technical and specification data, new model intro’s, driver’s impressions, long-term reports, b/w.
$ 5,95 - £ 3,95

Lotus Elan SE. The new Elan model. R. M. Clarke. Road tests from 1989 - 1992, 180 pgs., buyers guide, b/w, Following the death of Colin Chapman the Lotus company was purchased by General Motors in late 1985. The new compact sports car was intended to take Lotus back into he market for affordable models. It utilized an Isuzu engine from another GM affiliate. When announced in 1989 there was no doubt that it was a winner. Unfortunately the economic boom was followed by a deep recession and the car did not sell well. Within three years it was all over and the Elan was withdrawn from production. This is a book of contemporary road tests, technical and specification data, driver’s impressions, buying second-hand. 100 pgs, 200 illus. Soft cover.
$ 24,95 - £ 13,95

Lotus Elan M 100 Workshop Manual, new model 1989 on.  Main volume, lots of information, drawings, technical information. Chassis, Suspension, Engine, Gearbox, Body, Clutch, Brakes, Fuel system etc. This reprint has more pages than the original factory manual. Including all Lotus Service Bulletins (additional information sheets for the Lotus dealer/workshop) Please state year of your car!
$ 109,95 - £ 59,95

Lotus Elan M 100 Workshop Manual. Additional Information. Including the S 2 model. Engine Management, Turbo, non Turbo,  Electrical Sections, Airback. Reprint, hardbound, colour front plate. Please state the year of your car!
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Lotus Elan M 100 Workshop Manual. Complete set.
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Lotus Elan M 100 Parts List, Parts Book, new model, 1989 on. Show all parts in clear cutaway drawings and numerical order. It is very easy to order original Lotus parts with this lists. Don’t make an expensive error! Buy the right list, buy the correct part. If you want to look up any part for your Lotus, use the Parts List (USA: Parts Book) and if there's a fault with your Lotus, check out the Workshop Manual BEFORE you take it to a dealer. 8 times out of 10, you can diagnose the problem yourself with these booksPlease state year of your car!
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