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Super Seven IndipendentLotus Seven & The Independents.
Dennis Ortenburger, USA. This fascinating read, a must for all Seven & Lotus enthusiasts, covers the life and times of
this »four wheeled motorbike« from it's conception to the present day.
Detailing for the first time, the many seven derivatives that have been manufactured the world over, it is the result of two decades of research about a car that was too good to let die. It is ironic that such a huge
industry was born and thrived simply because Colin Chapman lost interest in his creation. This book is all about that industry and starts with an overview of the Lotus Seven Series that inspired all of this devotion. The body of the work however, details 80 known builders in 17 countries. While
individual differences are discussed in the text this book delves into the
history of each manufacturer. In some cases their stories read like an
adventure novel complete with heroes and villains and high drama. In every
case their enthusiasm for this special kind of automobile is enormous and
judging from the vast numbers of competitors, highly contagious. Equally so
is the excitement, which borders on fanaticism, exhibited by their owners.
Take care when you read this book. Like the author Dennis Ortenburger, you
might just be compelled to get behind the wheel of a Seven of your very own.
It is a 28 x 28 cm hard back book with over 200 colour pages. There is
superb photography and a technical specification panel on almost every car
described and the appendix contains a comprehensive directory of the 'Seven
builders' as well as copies of court legal proceedings between some of the
builders who have had disputes.
$ 54,95 - £ 29,95

The Magnificent Seven. Getting behind the wheel of a Caterham Seven is one of the most exhilarating experiences imaginable for a keen driver. Around 900 enthusiasts a year take delivery of a new Seven, but a great many more buy a used example or merely dream of owning a car that one journalist, inspired by its amazing acceleration and handling, described as a ‘four-wheeled motorcycle’. This informative book from Chris Rees gives a full model listing, specification and driving impressions for each of the Lotus and Caterham Sevens, together with a guide to purchase and restoration, a summary of the main developments, and useful contacts. 27 x 21 cm. 160 pages, 200 mainly colour illustrations
$ 34,95 - £ 19,95

Caterham Sevens. Cars Motor sports & Lotus Legacy. Chris Rees. The official story of a unique British sports car. A companion volume to Jeremy Coulter’s  recently republished title Lotus Seven.  The fascinating story which traces the Seven’s birth, its rebirth, the developing and its international racing records. Rees also looks into the future with a detailed description of the Seven’s latest stable mate, the Caterham 21 for the 21st Century.  Produced with the full cooperation of the manufacturer Caterham Cars.  This hardback is quite expensive but delivers all you would expect. With plenty of colour and black-and-white photographs. Surely the definitive work on the post-Lotus Seven.  208 pgs., 254 Ill.
$ 54,95 - £ 29,95

The Legend of Lotus Seven. Dennis Ortenburger, first title about the famous car. The definitive work on what many believe to be the 'classic' Lotus. Published in 1981. Hardcover. Endowed with phenomenal acceleration, prodigious roadholding and considerable style, the little car attracts enthusiasm wherever it’s seen. In this history no stone is left unturned, no model change ignored. For years very rare and impossible to find. Recent reissue of this classic and sought-after title covering this evergreen classic. 225 pgs., 150 b/w pics.
$ 43,95 - £ 26.95

Lotus and Caterham Seven: Racers for the Road. John Tipler. A full history of all Lotus and Caterham Seven models, incl. manufacturing and assembly details, racing preparation, specifications, personalities. 192 pgs., 150 b/w illus. 8 colour. If you own or dream to own a Seven, you need this book.
$ 34,95 - £ 19,95

Lotus Seven,  yellow cover, 1995 edition, covers only the Lotus Seven and has a large chapter about the Lotus Seven in motor sport. Jeremy Coulter: "In this book I have tried to trace the history of the Lotus Seven in as much detail as space permits. Sorting out some of the detail has been difficult simply because production numbers are small and there have been many specification changes. There have also been numerous oddball Sevens, several originating at the factory and others as the creation of private owners." Contents includes: Ancestors and parentage; Four-wheeled motorcycle; The Seven series 1: 1957 - 1960); A Seven for the Sixties (the Seven series 2: 1960 - 1968); Further Development (the Seven series 3: 1968 - 69); A Seven for the Seventies (the Seven series 4: 1970 - 73); The Caterham Connection; A racing certainty (the Seven in motor sport); Everyday excitement (Buying and running a Seven); Technical specifications - production models; Seven performance figures; Chassis number sequences; Useful addresses for Seven enthusiasts.
$ 29,95 - £ 14,95

Lotus Seven, and Caterham.  Andrew Morland. The fascinating development story of Colin Chapman’s ultimate “backyard special” in fantastic colour pictures. This light and easy-to-build kit car is exactly the car many enthusiasts would like to have designed and built themselves. An informative full colour analysis of Colin Chapmans legendary Seven. 130 pgs., 120 colour ill.
$ 19,95 - £ 9,95

Super Seven Roadster.  What does a man do on reaching midlife? He buys a Porsche! But not for Chris Goodrich. He decided to build a sports car instead. A funny long story. How (and especially why) a mechanical novice built a sports car from a kit. 200 pgs. no illus.
$ 18,95 - £ 11,95

Lotus Seven Super Profile, Graham  Arnold, 56 pgs., b/w, colour front page. Sold out worldwide since 15 years. Reprint in stock.
$ 18,95 - £ 9,95

Lotus Seven 1957 - 1980, road test reprints: “How to build a Seven” etc.
SALE!  $ 5,95 - £ 3.99

Lotus Seven Coll. No. 1, 1957 - 1982, road tests from US and British motoring magazines, sold out world-wide,
SALE! $ 5,95 - £ 3.99

Lotus Seven Gold Portfolio 1957 - 1973, road test, Brooklands series, new edition in 1996 only for the LOTUS. A total of 55 articles including 22 road test reports. Models: Series I, II, III & IV. America, Super 7 1500, Cosworth. Affordable performance was what Colin Chapman intended to offer with the Lotus Seven sports car, and in that he succeeded only too well. The original car may have gone through several permutations to end up as the S 4 in 1973, but it remained true to its original concept throughout. When Lotus agreed to sell the manufacturing rights to Caterham cars in 1973, there was still enough interest in this 16-year-old design for production to carry on for another 25 years - and beyond.
It may not be quite true to say that no two Sevens were alike, but the fact that they were sold as kits of parts for owners to build goes a long way towards explaining why there are so many individual differences. You could put almost any engine in the one-litre class into the first models, although the most popular were BMC A Series types, the little side-valve Fords and the 1172cc OHV Ford. With the rather more civilised Super Seven came more powerful engines: 1340cc, 1498cc and 1599cc OHV Fords mostly. While these Cortina engines may not have given Ford's own cars very exciting performance, they were more than adequate for the lightweight Seven. With a Cosworth-tuned Ford motor under the bonnet of a Super Seven, it was quite possible to outrun most of the exotic cars on the road up to about 100mph. 172 pages, 300+ illustrations Soft Bound.
$ 32,95 - £ 16,95

Westfield Limited Edition. A compilation of reports drawn from Europe, North America and Australia tracing the progress of the full range of Westfield Sports Cars. 96 pgs., 175 illus.
$ 24,95 - £ 14,95

Westfield - The Story. The Pictorial Review & Enthusiast’s Guide by Paul Robinshaw & Jeremy Bouckley is a very informative review of Westfield Sportscars, from the Eleven and 23B Replica, through the Seven, SE, SEi and SEiGHT (with Rover V8 power!), ZEi and the latest superbike powered Mega-Busa and Mega-Blade. Westfield is certainly an automobile manufacturer in the spirit of Lotus - low production of lightweight, fun to drive sportscars!   Soft bound, 144 pgs, over 250 b&w ill.
$ 24,95 -  £ 14,95  


Lotus Seven S II, Workshop Manual, Reprint of the old Lotus issue. With a very large supplement of original pictures of the early S II models, a typewritten Parts List, reprints of original driving reports and some information about the original Lotus Seven S III. Available only here!
Volume 1 $ 69,95 - £ 39,95

Lotus Seven S IV, Workshop Manual, Reprint with colour front page, including Parts List, driving reports and old price lists and other sales material.
Volume 2 $ 54,95 - £ 29,95

Lotus Seven S IV, Owners Handbook, green original, old stock from the factory at Hethel, Norfolk
$ 34,95 - £ 19,95

Caterham Super Seven S III, Workshop Manual, all models up to July 1996. Kit assembly, very complete! Lots of drawings and additional chapters.
Volume 3 $ 54,95 - £ 29,95

Caterham Super Seven S III, Workshop Manual, Kit assembly, all cars 1996 -1999. Lots of pictures and drawings. 1400 Rover K Series engine, 1600 Classic & Sprint engine (Escort Kent), 1700 Supersprint engine, 2000 Vauxhall 16 V (injection & carburettor).
Volume 4 $ 54,95 - £ 29,95

Caterham Super Seven  S III, Workshop Manual, Kit assembly, all cars May 2000 on. Lots of pictures and drawings. De-Dion Chassis fitted with the Rover K engine. Models covered: Seven Superlight, Seven Clubsport. Engines: 1.6 16V K-Series, 1.6 16V K-Series Supersport, 1.8 16V K-Series, 1.8 16V K-Series Supersport, 1.8 16V K-Series VVC, 1.8 16V K-Series VHPD. Incl. circuit diagrams for: R300, R400, R500, Classic & Roadsport, Rover K-Series, 2001 onwards, Stack instrumentation and standard instrumentation. More than 400 pages, hardcover.
Volume 5 $ 54,95 - £ 29,95

Caterham Seven S III, Parts List, please state: life or De Dion rear axle. b/w, helpful to order parts.
$ 29,95 - £ 16,95

Caterham Super Seven  S III, Owners Manual, Vauxhall, Cosworth BDA, Rover engine.
$ 36,95 - £  20,95