S P O R T S   R A C E R S ,
2 - S E A T E R S   &   O T H E R S

Lotus 30. Provisional Specifications & Maintenance Notes. Pub. by Lotus 1964. Limited edition. Coming 2004
$ 49,95 - £ 29,95

Lotus, The Historic Years. 1956 - 1958. The History of the Lotus Eleven. Graham Capel. 230 pgs., over 300 photographs, technical description, production specifications , publicity over 40 years.  Detailed race histories for 1956, 1957, 1958. The battle against the Coopers. Victory at Le Mans in 1956 and the Index of Performance in 1957. Success at Sebring and a lot more. Includes many rare photos and a excellent chapter on Climax engines. Solde out worldwide, here in stock!
$ 109,95 - £ 59,95

The Lotus Eleven: Chapman’s Most Successful Sports-Racing Car. By Dennis Ortenburger. A in-depth profile of the famous Lotus, featuring many never before published photos and detailed information. Covers the history and development of the car through its triumph at Le Mans. Includes chassis lists, engine details, cutaways, restoration, maintenance, and replicas. 192 pgs, 100 b/w ill. Sold out worldwide
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The Lotus Sports Racers,  Brooklands Gold Portfolio series, driving impressions, testers reports from 1953 - 1965. This book traces the development of the early sports/racing cars. Models covered are the 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Eleven, Elite, 15, 17, 19, 23, Racing Elan 26 R, 30 and 40.  Road tests, tech. reports and full spec’s. 180 pgs..
$ 24,95 - £ 13,95

Lotus Sports Racers. R. M. Clarke. Brooklands new release for 2001. Between 1951 and 1965 Lotus produces the mark III in 1951, the Mark VI in 1952, the mark VIII in 1954, the Mark IX and X in 1955. The Eleven came in 1956, the Fifteen in 1958 and the Seventeen in 1959. At this point Lotus moved the engine to the rear with the Eighteen followed later by the Nineteen, Twenty Three, 30 and 40 of 1965, this being the last sports racing car to be built by Lotus. Each of the sections of this book has an introduction by Graham Capel, a Lotus historian, giving a resume of the background and racing successes. The main text comprises contemporary road tests, technical information, racing, driver’s impressions, new model introductions, track tests.  This is a book of contemporary driving tests, technical and specification data, new model intro’s, driver’s impressions, racing reports. Soft Bound. Not the same as above! This is much bigger with 344 pgs. and 750 illus.
$ 52,95 - £ 27,95

Lotus 23. Provisional Specification, Maintenance Notes + Parts List. Also several driving tests and cutaway drawings. Many original photos from my collection. See Jim Clark, the Nürburgring, Riverside and much more! 1998 limited edition. Reprint, hardcover with colour front page:
$ 69,95 - £ 39,95

Lotus 23. Supplement, more pictures, a lot more information, chassis drawings. Limited edition. Coming autumn 2004.
$ 69,95 - £ 39,95

Lotus 47 GT, Specification & Maintenance Notes. Reprint, many contemporary photos and data sheets from my large collection. English language
$ 54,95 - £ 29,95

Jensen Healey, Workshop Manual. Reprint, complete.
$ 54,95 - £ 29,95

Jensen Healey Parts List. USA Import. Reprint, hardcover
$ 54,95 - £ 29,95

Talbot Sunbeam (Lotus) Workshop Manual, 1980, pub. by Talbot, GB. with Lotus-Supplement. Reprint, 2 heavy volumes with more than 500 pgs., hardcover, incl. some road tests, a parts catalogue (engine only) and a list of tuning kits.
$ 89,95 -  £ 49,95

Talbot Sunbeam Lotus, Graham Robson. The Sunbeam Lotus Project, World Champions in 81, Specifications, Sunbeam Lotus Rally Record, Works Cars. This very hard to find book is long out of print. Now available again as reprint, 90 pgs with an new additional chapter. Buyers guide, driving reports,  colour front page.
$ 20.95 - £ 11,95

Lotus Omega / Carlton Workshop Manual. German/English language. The ultimate car: 180 mph, 377 bhp. Complete reprint of the factory manual 2 volumes, hardbound.
$ 109.95 - £ 59,95