Lotus 72 - Formula One Icon, by Michael Oliver. This book tells the definitive story of the Lotus 72 one of the most striking and successful racing cars in the history of Formula 1. From the drawing board to the present day, the book draws extensively from the people who were closely involved, including drivers, mechanics, team managers, as well as rival drivers and designers. The book also has an appendix covering complete chassis histories and race records for each of the nine cars built.
Colin Chapman and Maurice Phillippe’s striking wedge-shaped Type 72 Formula 1 car, was introduced on April 1st, 1970 as a replacement for the unsuccessful four-wheel-drive Type 63 and the ageing Type 49. Having won both the World Drivers and Constructors Championship titles in 1970, the car went through a number of different evolutions to keep it competitive, resulting in a second pair of Championships in 1972 as well as the Constructors’ Championship in 1973. It was still winning races in 1974 and scoring points in 1975! The Lotus 72 was driven by some of the great racing drivers of the 1970s such Rindt, Fittipaldi, Peterson and Ickx.
LOTUS 72 Formula 1 Icon is a lavishly illustrated 240 page full colour publication, and it’s large 30x30cm format contains over 450 mostly unseen and historic images. LOTUS 72 is available in three versions, as either a Standard, Limited Edition or the exclusive Publisher Edition. The signed and numbered Limited Editions (LE) are restricted to 250 copies, marked accordingly and presented in a slipcase with a gold foil Team Lotus badge on the front. Each SE book is distinguished by an individually numbered plate that has also been personally signed by the Author, Michael Oliver.
The Publishers Edition, of which there are to be only 50 copies, is a specially printed Leather bound and gilt edged version of the book, that features an additional 48 page section of photographs and race records of the Type 72. This Edition is presented in a deluxe Black & Gold presentation linen box and is personally signed and numbered by the author Michael Oliver, the publisher William Taylor, as well as by 1972 World Champion driving a Lotus 72, Emerson Fittipaldi.
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Lotus 78 & 79 - The Ground Effect Cars. John Tipler. The Lotus 78 was the car that started the ground effect revolution in Formula 1. By means of ducts and flexible skirts, the air that passed under the car was used, literally, to suck it to the ground. It created a sensation and revived the British team’s fortunes. Its successor, the 79, was a true ‘wing car’, and beautiful too, though it made its debut in a field that had already been transformed by the 78. Tipler, an ex JPS press officer, has spoken to the men -engineers, designers, drivers and mechanics – who were at the chalk face of this revolution and this book is the fascinating result. Illustrated with superb b&w and colour photography and original drawings and detail photographs, this is a book for fans of the golden era of Formula 1, 1977- 1979. Also information about the type 77, 80, and the famous twin chassis type 88, the last Chapman project. 208 pages, 20 x 26 cm. 170 b&w photos and a colour section.
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Lotus Racing Cars. 1968 - 2000.  Tipler’s second volume. Graham Hill, winning the world 1968 Champion ship, Andretti’s last world title in 1978. The  cars of the 1980s and 1990s archived good results. 200 b&w illustrations.
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Lotus Racing Cars 1948-1968. The rise and fall of Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman. The lightweight, innovative machines conceived and built by Colin Chapman and his successors have had a lasting impact on racing car design and on the history of the sport. In this, the first volume of John Tipler's two-volume history, he tells the exciting story of these pioneering cars from the early 1950s to the late 1960s and gives a fascinating insight into the rise and fall of Lotus racing and into the controversial, brilliant career of Chapman himself. the controversial, brilliant career of Chapman himself. Hardback, 24 x 17 cm, 160 pages 200 black & white illustrations
$ 24,95 - £ 14,95

Lotus 25 & 33. John Tipler. The Lotus 25 and 33 were innovative and highly successful Formula 1 racing cars. Between 1962 and 1965 these cars were the class of the field. Jim Clark won the driver’s title with the Type 25 in 1963 and in the Type 33, which evolved from the 25, he won again in 1965. The 25’s slender shape, light weight, monocoque construction and advanced specification made it a landmark car in the context of racing car design. The cars have gained classic status in the history of Formula 1. John Tipler’s in-depth study of this remarkable car investigates its origins, specification and design and its extraordinary racing record. It also features full technical specification and design history, along with race reports and portraits of the individuals involved. Hardback, 26 x 19 cm, 208 pages. 160 black & white and 27 colour illustrations.
$ 49,95 - £ 25,95

Lotus 49. The Story of a Legend. Michael Oliver. 256 pgs, 300 colour and mono photographs.  The definitive history of one of the most evocative and successful F1 cars, and the first to use the Ford-Cosworth DFV engine. From inception and development to the fate of surviving cars. Includes a racing record and individual chassis histories.  The Lotus 49 is associated with some of the world’s greatest racing drivers - Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Jochen Rindt and Emerson Fittipaldi, to name a few. A must for anyone who followed Formula 1 in the 60s and early 70s.  
The book contents: Sowing the seeds · Early days · The proof of the pudding · Fast but fragile · A turbulent year · Too many accidents · The swan song · Out to pasture · Thirty years on · Appendix: complete chassis record of the Lotus 49.



Gold Leaf Edition,
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Limited edition, British Racing Green, limited to 500 copies, yellow/green cover, signed by Michael Oliver
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Green Leather Edition, limited to 50 signed copies by Michael Oliver and Lotus F1 chief mechanic Bob Dance, collectors item!            
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Team Lotus, The Indianapolis Years. Doug Nye and Andrew Ferguson. Foreword by Mario Andretti. The most exciting period in Lotus history has to be the mid 60s... building new factories, spitting out new model road cars almost yearly, obliterating the F 1 competition and the invasion and conquering of Indy. It is also an insider’s view behind the scenes in the board rooms, garages, and the design room. If you are a true Lotus head, or just a student of 60s racing, this is a can’t-put-it-down title. Many fans of motor racing and of the Indy “500“ in particular are always on the lookout for more inside stories and details about the men who race and the teams behind them. This book gives the inside story of Lotus’ involvement at Indianapolis in great heaping handfuls. Unlike many motor racing books which focus primarily on facts and statistics, Andrew Ferguson, competition manager of Team Lotus from 1961 to 1969, adds a great deal of his personal perspective into the book. There is even an account about the author and Colin Chapman competing for the attention of the same woman! Even though the book focuses on Lotus, it is a valuable reference for anyone who wants to learn more about the big bucks and politics involved with racing at “The Speedway“ in the 1960‘s. Packed with great b/w as well as colour photographs. The most exciting book in years.
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Lotus 107 Close Up & History. Import from Japan for the model builder and F1 enthusiast
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Lotus  on the Hills. A Pictorial Review & Enthusiast’s Guide. From Paul Robinshaw & Jeremy Bouckley. An in-depth collection of photographs of Lotus cars of all models, in action on the hills and sprints. Over 270 almost all previously unpublished period photographs supplemented by technical details of most of the featured cars. 132 pgs, soft cover.
$ 29,95 - £ 14,95

Lotus Formula Juniors 1960 - 1963. An enthusiast’s guide & pictorial review from Paul Robinshaw & Jeremy Bouckley, both great Lotus friends and single seater drivers. This book deals with FJ racing cars, the most successful of the Formula. The information given is a broad brush approach for the owners and enthusiasts of the MK 18, 20, 22 and 27 FJ to read and enjoy. Lots of old detail photos supplemented by 90s restoration shots. Also a complete chapter on Cosworth FJ engines reproductions of original ads and Lotus documentation. 126 pgs., 135 ill. soft cover
$ 29,95 - £ 14,95

Kimberley’s GP Guide, Lotus. Bob Constanduros, GP results 1958 - 1982, 24 pgs., 40 ill., mostly about the JPS cars.
$ 13,95 - £ 7,95

Kimberley’s Grand Prix Guide, Lotus.  Renault Years. By Ken Wells. Covers the years 1983 - 1986, 62 pgs. 70 photos. A great mini-history of Lotus including the new cars, sponsors and engine. Detailed facts and super photos deliver a complete team history,  technical data, racing records Chapman and more. Published 1987, sold out worldwide. Here in stock!
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Lotus 25, Climax FWMV, the monocoque revolution. Ian Bamsey, 50 b/w photos, 30 colour. Sold out world wide, available here
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Theme Lotus,  1956 - 1978.  The story of the  single seaters. Doug Nye looks back over 21 years of racing, starting with the MK 12 and ending with the fabulously successful Lotus 79. Not only GP cars, but also Indianapolis and Tasman machines are expertly and thoroughly covered, a separate chapter being devoted to each type. All Lotus F 1 owners (where are they now?) are listed in this now hard to find book. Early edition, published 1978. Sold out world-wide, second hand copies in stock
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Theme Lotus, 1956 - 1986. From Chapman to Ducarouge. Second edition. Doug Nye has established himself as the principle author for the Lotus marque. Theme Lotus charts the motorsport history of Team Lotus. Doug's insight into the technical aspects of Colin Chapman's famous designs is fascinating. He mixes this with a balanced record of the actual races. This is the book most often referred to by Classic Team Lotus (although the later chassis records are not 100% correct). This is the most recent edition of the above title. Has more pgs. and ill. but no owners list. Sold out world wide.
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Lotus Autosport File. Covers the Camel years up to 1988. 110 pgs.
$ 16,95 - £ 9,95

A very Special Year. Story of a world championship. Pub. 1972, soft cover,  170 b/w photos about the famous JPS Lotus 72. Contents includes profiles of Chapman, Fittipaldi, articles on the team and the car and reports on each race. 112 pages,  2nd hand only:
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Lotus 20/22 Formula Junior, Datasheets, Original Pictures.  Reprint with some articles from older magazines lots of contemporary photos about the MK 20, 22 Formula Junior cars and the 31 F3. Including the FJ affair at Monza. Limited edition.
$ 54,95 - £ 29,95

Lotus 59, F2, F3, FB. Provisional Specification and Maintenance Notes. Reprint with additions, lots of contemporary photos and driving test. English language. Limited edition.
$ 54,95 - £ 29,95

Lotus 61 FF. Provisional Specification and Maintenance Notes, 1969. Reprint with some material from my private collection.Very useful for the owner of a proper Lotus 61 FF car. Limited edition.
$ 54,95 - £ 29,95

Lotus 69 F2, F3, FF.  Lotus Racing 1971. Clean Reprint,  many contemporary photos and data sheets from my large collection. English language. Limited edition.
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