THE LOTUS BOOK. Series 3. The story of 50 years of Lotus Cars by William Taylor. A comprehensive record of every Type No. and model ever produced by
Lotus. From the Mark 1 trials car, through some of the most innovative, controversial, and technically advanced competition cars the world has seen, to the very latest road-going supercars such as the Type 115, they are all
here with high quality colour photographs recording each and every Lotus design built from 1948 to 2004.
A superlative 256 page 30 x 30 cm hard cover book, that no Lotus enthusiast should be without.
THE LOTUS BOOK is the first to show the entire Lotus opus in this way,
combining as it does unique new material with archive photographs, nice
period brochures, contemporary advertisements, accurate technical data and
concise histories of the development and achievements of each car. Recording
for posterity his famous father∂s valuable contribution to our age, Clive
Chapman in his postscript to the book describes it as ’a worthy testament to
the talents of Colin Chapman and all who played a part in the great Lotus
This third edition, THE LOTUS BOOK SERIES 3 has the same superb format as
the original with an additional 48 pages and over 250 new and previously
unseen photographs including all the new models produced since 1998. This
classic read now with expanded sections on the road cars such as Elan,
Esprit & Elise, is back on the shelves by popular demand.
See the new Elise variations, the M250 project, a chapter on the prototypes
and special cars sold from the Lotus Cars collection and brand new
photographs on most of the 256 full colour pages which will increase to over
300 pages.
The Lotus Book, Series 3 is available in two versions, as either Standard
Edition or Limited Edition. The signed and numbered Limited Edition is
restricted to just 250 copies, signed by the author William Taylor and
presented in a green cloth covered slipcase embossed with the Lotus logo.
Standard Edition:
64,95 €

Limited Edition: This signed and numbered Edition is restricted to just 250
copies, signed by the author Taylor and presented in a green cloth covered
slipcase embossed with the Lotus logo.
89,95 €


Lotus, the Early Years, tells the story of the creation of Lotus by the group of people who worked alongside Colin Chapman at the very beginning.
Covering the years 1951-1954 Peter Ross, president of the Historic Lotus Register gives a detailed account of his personal experiences and involvement in the building of the early Lotus cars. Through the diary that he kept during this period, he has been able to reflect on some of the more intimate moments of this great adventure and, in collaboration with Michael & Nigel Allen as well as the late Adam Currie, this book chronicles the humble beginnings of a company that would grow to become world beaters in almost all forms of motorsport. It is a must for anyone with an interest in Lotus and the desire to know the true stories of how it all started.
Lotus, the Early Years, displays for the first time period photographs and
sketches from the personal albums and drawing boards of those who were there
during these historic years. In addition, contemporary illustrations seek to
clarify some of the more unusual and innovative techniques used to overcome
the seemingly insurmountable engineering problems that were put before them.
The book certainly makes for a fascinating and compelling read.
This 208 page 28 x 28 cm book with hardback cover is available in three
versions, as either a Standard, Limited or Publishers Edition. The Author
signed Limited Edition of 250 copies comes in a cloth covered slipcase and
is numbered accordingly. The signed and numbered Publishers Edition are
presented in a deluxe clamshell box and restricted to just 75 copies. Each
of these is bound in Leather, gilt edged and personally signed by three of
the founder members of Lotus Cars, as well as by the author and publisher.
Standard Edition will be:
39,95 €

Limited Edition of 250 with slip case (numbered and signed by the author
Peter Ross)
69,95 €
Publishers Edition of 75, leatherbound, signed by three of the founder
members of Lotus Cars, as well as by the author and publisher.
221,95 €


The Lotus Book: Collectables. The complete collection of Lotus memorabilia. This second book by Lotus enthusiast William Taylor makes abundantly clear that burning passion for  the marque is not restricted to the cars themselves.
Over the years many enthusiasts in many countries have formed vast collections of Lotus ephemera, of Lotus-related racing souvenirs, of scale models - some good and it has to be said others not so good - even of the discarded paperwork and detritus generated over the last half-century in the various Lotus ”homes” in London, Hertfordshire, Norfolk Holland and Germany. Much of it is extremely rare and valuable, some of it less so, but all of it goes toward telling the same extraordinary story.
A story of one man’s life and his company - an inspired and uniquely innovative engineer, a man who was passionate about competiting and winning, and a shrewd businessman.
For Colin Chapman and everybody involved with Lotus, it was all one big adventure and, as this book eloquently testifies, for many Lotus fans the fun and excitment is far from over.
The new book has the same  size and format as THE LOTUS BOOK. As before it consists of 256 pages, all in full colour with over 1,400 images. The book shows a vast selection of Lotus memorabilia & models covering each Type number,  however some of the more popular cars receive extra attention and have six or even eight pages.
The book is designed to be a companion volume to THE LOTUS BOOK and hence will have a green jacket and yellow hard-cover to compliment its predecessor.
A superlative 256 page 30 x 30 cm case bound book.
Standard Edition will be:
29,95 €
Limited Edition of 1000 with slip case (signed and numbered by the author William Taylor)
51,95 €
Special Edition No. 1 of 51 with deluxe slip case with an original green/yellow nose badge, (signed and numbered, one for each year of Lotus production by Hazel Chapman and William Taylor.
89,95 €

Special Edition No. 2 of 175, deluxe slip case with an original green/yellow nose badge, signed and numbered, one for each Type number and model variation from 1-118 by Clive Chapman and the author William Taylor.
We have the folling numbers in stock:
MK 22 FJ, 25 F1,
26 Elan S1, 28 Cortina,
MK 30 Sports Racing,
MK 47 Racing Europa,
MK 51 FF, MK 61 FF,
MK 69 FF, MK 69 F2.
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Colin Chapman, Wayward Genius. It’s easy to write an unauthorised ”stick the boot in” story about someone you don’t like, or to produce a sycophantic could do no wrong affair. Both are pointless and tiresome – and have been bestowed upon Chapman in the past. Mike Lawrence approaches from a different direction: Colin was one of his boyhood heroes, but the author is not blinkered to his misdemeanours, personality flaws or errors of judgement.  Here is much about Chapman’s early days. 26 chapters and by halfway through we are only up to the first taste of world championship glory, in 1963. 255 pgs., 30 b/w illus., 16 x 24 cm
39,95 €


Colin Chapman, The man and his cars. Gérard (‘Jabby’) Crombac. From small beginnings in North London in 1947, Colin Chapman went on to build the world-famous, multi-million pound Lotus car company. He also established himself, in Jackie Stewart’s words, as ‘the greatest, most creative designer of racing cars in the history of motor racing’. Written with the full co-operation of his widow Hazel and the Lotus company, and reprinted to meet continuing public interest, this is the definitive biography of the brilliant engineer described by Enzo Ferrari as ‘so talented because of his ability to produce ideas ahead of his time’. Re-issue of this well known book. Hardback, 384pgs, 254 illustrations
24,95 €


Lotus, Historic Half Century. Booklet to celebrate the first 50 years of this unique company. Historic Lotus Publications have compiled an invaluable record of the marquee’s achievements and milestones. Written by Graham Capel, this is as usual well researched and makes for a lively and  rewarding read.  Published in A4 landscape format. The  volume contains over 32  colour photographs of historic  models. 78 pgs,
14,95 €


Lotus, The Historic Years. 1956 - 1958. The History of the Lotus Eleven. Graham Capel. 230 pgs., over 300 photographs, technical description, production specifications, publicity over 40 years.This is not a book written for a mass market: it is a labour of love. The most comprehensive book on the famous Lotus Eleven.  Detailed race histories of 1956, 1957, 1958. The battle against the Coopers. Victory at Le Mans in 1956 and the Index of Performance in 1957. Success at Sebring and a lot more. It contains the insights into the characters of Colin Chapman and all the rest of the early Lotus Team. Everybody who is still living who had an association with the Eleven has been pumped for their memories.  Includes many rare photos and a excellent chapter on Coventry Climax engines. Sold out worldwide. Here in stock!
89,95 €


Lotus Heritage, Ian Adcock. The colourful pictorial history of all the road cars. From the 7 to the latest 300 bhp Esprit. 144 pgs.
12,95 €


Lotus: The Sports, GT and Touring Cars. Chris Harvey  ”A competition survey of the sports, GT and touring cars.” Originally printed in 1980, this is one of the very few books dedicated to closed-wheel Lotus competition cars.   Now as an authorized reprint, the contents include in-depth coverage of the Lotus Mk 6, 7, 9, 10, Eleven, 15, 17, 19, 23, 30 and 40, as well as competition versions of the Elite, Elan, Europa and Lotus Cortina!  If you didn't get a copy this book in the 80‘s you really ought to get a copy now!  192 pages, 180 b&w ill.
32,95 €


The Lotus, Graham Robson, small booklet about the history. 32 pgs.
3,95 €


Colin Chapman Lotus Engineering. Hugh Haskell, ex Lotus employee describes theories, new designs, applications - the intriguing detailed story of Chapman and his most notable projects. All models.  Chassis, suspension, gearboxes, frames, monocoques, composite materials, all have  their own chapter. Plus some of his more  unusual and famous projects such as boats and micro lights. A revealing look at an engineering legend. 198 pgs., 200 b/w ill. Sold out worldwide. Here in stock!
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Lotus Drivers Guide. Published in English language by Dutch Club Lotus some years ago. Every British dealer is listed.
13,95 €


Lotus: All The Cars. Anthony Pritchard describes all Lotus from MK 1 special to the Lamborghini-powered F1 car (MK 102) and the new Elan. 260 pgs, over 150 b/w ill., 32 colour, a very important book for the Lotus enthusiast. It describes and pictures every Lotus road and racing car ever produced. Sold out world wide. Available here again
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Illustrated Lotus Buyers Guide. Former Lotus director Graham Arnold. A terrific guide for the enthusiast. The model-by-model Lotus profile covering all the models up to the Esprit Turbo supercar. Development, history, options, specifications, the unique five-star investment rating system, and valuable tips for assessing used Lotus cars. Elan, Seven, Europa, Elite and Esprit are all given special attention pointing out production changes and special features throughout the years. Second edition, updated. 176 pgs., 200 ill.
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The Story of the Marque Lotus. The first Ten Years. Ian H. Smith. The first edition was published in 1958 under the title LOTUS, The First Ten Years. This is the later edition of 1961 with several additions from Michael Henderson. 176 pages about the following cars: MK 1 / 2 / 3 / 6 / 8 / 9 / 15 / 16 / 18 / 19. Le Mans 1955 & 57, Lotus Eleven, Seven S I, Climax Elite. This first book about Lotus is now very rare and hard to find.  An original copy, if located, can be priced at some five times what the reprint is commanding. Clean reprint, hardcover.
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The Story of Lotus, 1947 - 1960.  Birth of a Legend, Ian H. Smith, green cover, 192 pgs. with 180 pictures in b/w. From the MK I to the 19. Long regarded as an essential book for the racing reference library. Lotus was fortunate to have Ian Smith amongst its most fervent supporters. Ian's participation in the early years led to his definitive record of the birth of the Lotus legend. The racing record of Team Lotus is invaluable.Very hard to find now, sold out but available from my stock. Very expensive!  Good second hand copies,
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The Story of Lotus, 1961-1971. Growth of a Legend. Doug Nye, red cover with 288 large pgs. Lots of pictures and dates up to the JPS 74. The most important bible for all Lotus road & race cars. Covers the period when Lotus won four World Championship Constructor titles, Indy victories and many other accolades. Rare and again very expensive. Good second hand copies in stock.
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Colin Chapmans Lotus. The early years, the Elite and the origins of the Elan. Robin Read was hired by Chapman in 1959 as sales manager. 335 pgs., lots of unknown b/w pictures. An insider’s completely unauthorized account of life in the shadow of Colin Chapman. Covers eleven years of the Lotus story, 1951 - 1962. Traces the evolution of the the Climax Elite, the Seven S I, and the early Lotus single seaters 18 / 20 FJ / 21 F1 / 22 FJ / 23 / 24 F1 / 25 F1. Hardbound 450 pgs. 150 photos Out of print, sold out worlwide. Here in stock!
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Lotus, the Sports Racing Cars. Design, Development, Racing Histories. Anthony Pritchard, covers the MK 8, 9, 10, Eleven, 15, 17, 19, 23, 30,  40. 160 pgs., 100 ill.,
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Le Grande Automobil. French text with a short chapter about Lotus. Previously  unknown private pictures from Gerard Crombac.
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Jim Clark and his most successful Lotus. Eoin Young. This is a compelling
joint study of Jim Clark and his famous lotus 25 F1 car from its golden 1963
World Championship-winning- year. Trough subsequent drivers, owners and
crashes until its discovery and restoration to the original specification.
Hardback, 2004 edition.
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Jim Clark. Photographic memories. Published  by the Jim  Clark museum in Scotland. All of the photographs in the booklet were taken by Clarks friend Eric Bryce.
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Senna & Clark. Fabiano Vandone. Italian language, 80 pgs., about the two famous drivers. Lots of unknown pictures.
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Jim Clark. By Eric Dymock. GB Edition. Coinciding with the 30th anniversary of Jim Clark’s epic victory in the Dutch GP, this biography looks behind his brilliant motor sport career, and offers fascinating new information about his farming background in Scotland. Clark started 73 races and won 25. He was World Champion in 1963 and 1965 and set Ford on its path to fame by pushing the Cosworth DFV engine to victory on its first F1 outing. He was also the first non-American to win Indianapolis 500. No one understands Jim Clark better than Eric Dymock, fellow Scot, long-time reporter on the racing scene at its highest level. Illustrated with specially commissioned colour photographs and pictures from the Clark family’s personal collection. This biography looks behind Clark’s image.  250 b&w ill., 256 pgs. GB Edition:
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Jim Clark. Racing Legend. By Eric Dymock. USA Edition.  Stunning production – virtual collector’s edition. Endorsements from Dan Gurney and David Coulthard. Dymock has brought his definitive biography up to date by including in it what some contemporary heroes have to say about the man, and many previously unpublished photographs. This US-Edition contains 50 new and unpublished photos. 288 pages, 250 colour.
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Jim Clark, the legend lives on. Graham Gauld with a foreword by Jackie Steward.  Written by one of his closest friends. 160 pgs, sold out world wide, here in stock
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Gesichter des Rennsports. The best pictures of Dr. Benno Müller, famous German photographer. From 1958 to early seventies. Lots of unknown Jim Clark photos, incl. 7. April 1968. German language, but mainly pictures!
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Jochen Rindt. Allan Henry, Biography of the famous austian/german Lotus world champion. Career record 1964 - 1970. 120 pgs., 80 ill.
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Emerson Fittipaldi. Similar to above title. Gordon Kirby about the youngest World Champion in history, 120 pgs.,
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Graham Hill. Simon Arron, 14 GP triumphs, two World Championships, Indianapolis 500 and 1972 Le Mans victory. Similar to above title. Complete race records 1956 - 1975. 120 pgs., 80 ill. most in colour.
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Graham Hill, Master of Motorsport. John Tipler about the racing career and largely ignoring the public face. This portrait of the charismatic man gives a keen insight into his character and rare talent as a driver. The book features vivid recollections from many of Graham Hill’s contemporaries, including Sir Jackie Steward. This new book recaptures the atmosphere and ethos of top- level motor racing 40 years ago. 220 pgs., 200 ill. many in colour.
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Ronnie Peterson - Formula One Super Swede. John Tipler. Behind the wheel of a racing car he was magical. He could make cars do seemingly impossible things, and for much of the 1970s he was considered quite the fastest F1 driver in the game.
Peterson had another quality that was not universal in top class motor racing, and that was honesty and integrity. This was most manifest in the final year of his life, when, newly returned to Team Lotus, he dutifully played second fiddle to Mario Andretti. Taller than the average racing driver, the blond Swede thrilled everyone with his astonishing car control. Many race fans remember him best at Silverstone's old Woodcote corner, in a JPS Lotus 72, flat out at 160mph, on opposite lock and at the very limit of adhesion.
Ronnie started his Formula 1 career with the new March Team in 1970, and had his first GP win in France after signing for Lotus in 1973. Spells with March (again) and Tyrrell followed, but with his eye on more consistent F1 success, Ronnie again signed with John Player Team Lotus for 1978. Then came Monza. Involved in a multiple pile up after the start, Ronnie was trapped in the wrecked Lotus. He suffered badly broken legs and the car caught fire. His legs were operated on, and initial signs were promising, but by morning, Ronnie was dead. The world of motor racing - and the Swedish nation - was stunned by the loss of one of its foremost heroes.
As well as F1, he drove the works' Ferrari 312B prototypes in the World Championship for Makes and a factory BMW in European Touring Car racing in the mid-'70s. There had also been numerous F3 successes racing his TECNO in the late-'60s, in particular the prestigious Monaco race, which Ronnie won in 1969, as well taking the European F2 title, 1971 in his MARCH. While researching the Peterson's biography, John Tipler spoke to many of Ronnie's friends, fellow drivers, mechanics, managers and team principals from all episodes of his career. From Max Mosley whose Foreword opens the book, to Sir Jackie Stewart who raced against him, all provided anecdotes about Ronnie, assessing his abilities as a driver and potential World Champion.
Ronnie Peterson – The Story of Super Swede is a lavishly illustrated 232 page hard bound full colour publication, and it’s large 30 x 30 cm format contains over 375 mostly unseen and historic images. Ronnie Peterson is available in two versions, as either a Standard Edition or Limited Edition.
The signed and numbered Limited Editions (LE) are restricted to 250 copies, marked accordingly and presented in a slipcase designed in the style of Ronnie’s helmet. Each Limited Edition book is distinguished by an individually numbered plate that has also been personally signed by the Author, John Tipler.
Standard Edition, English language
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Limited Edition, (LE) yellow/blue slipcase, only 250,
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Also available in Swedish language, Standard Edition,
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The Jim Clark Era. From the The Great Challenge Series. No. 1. Contains biographies and photos of Jim Clark and eleven outstanding racing drivers of this era. See Baghetti, Bandini, Beaufort, Bonnier, Brabham, Clark, Ginther, Gregory, Gurney, Phil Hill, Ireland, Mairesse. The Great Challenge recounts the great races and their heroes, and their victories and defeats from an unforgettable period. Expressive portraits are interspersed with thrilling racing scenes and photos documenting the spirit of the age. Foreword comes from Dan Gurney. Other drivers and important personalities record their attachement to their memories of the Jim Clark era: Jack Brabham, John Cooper, Gerard Crombac, Bernie Ecclestone, Phil Hill and Rob Walker. Photography and graphic design by Rainer Schlegelmilch, photodesigner who has attended almost every F1 since 1962.
• 256 pgs, format 28 x 34 cm
• 325 photos in monochrome, 95 % of which have never been published before
• 170 g/qm X-Motion Xenon art paper!
• Photos in triplex offset print, glossy  
• 13 serigraphs on semi-transparent paper
• Bilingual (English/German) text  
• Case and slipcase in library buckram  
• Clark-Lotus design on slipcase.
Each copy, which is limited to 1800, is numbered and personally signed by Dieter Streve-Mülhens and Rainer W. Schlegelmilch.
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Also available:
The Great Challenge No. 2 The Stewart Era. See Amon, Hill, Hulme, Ickx, McLaren, Rindt. Siffert, Stewart, Surtees
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The printing and finishing quality of the Great Challenge Series is exceptional, and the books are already regarded in the appropriate circles as a valuable collector's piece.
The statistics in the appendix are chronologically listed by driver, Formula 1 and sports car world championship race in order to underline the drivers versatility and “work input“

 The following volumes are also in stock:
• The Great Challenge 3   The Lauda Era
• The Great Challenge 4  The Senna Era

Coming soon:
 • The Great Challenge 5 The Schumacher Era.
Each title will also be limited to 1800 copies, individually numbered and personally signed.
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