Lotus Esprit S I, S II, Workshop Manual, 1976 - 1980. 2 & 2.2 litre engines.  1 volume, including all wiring diagrams and a buyers guide.
$ 89,95 - £ 49,95

Lotus Turbo Esprit and Esprit S III, Workshop Manual, 1981 - 1987, Cover says Service Notes but that is how Lotus supplies the real true and complete Shop Service & Repair and Workshop Manual. Almost 2 inches thick. 600 pgs., With some extra information about the quick cars from Hethel.
$ 89,95 - £ 49,95

Lotus Excel + Esprit S III & Turbo, Training Course Notes, Electrics. All wiring diagrams, fault finding. 245 pgs,
$ 29,95 - £ 19,50

Lotus Esprit Turbo Workshop Manual & Service Notes, 1988 - 1992, new body models. Main Volume,  with 600 pgs. Also known as Service Notes. This volume contains S4 Body, Technical Data Engine & Vehicle (including all Torque Figures!), Chassis, Body, Suspension, Engine, Wheels & Tyres, Steering, Cooling, Brakes, Heater & Air-Condition, Clutch, Citroen + Renault Transmission, Maintenance,
$ 89,95 - £ 49,95

Volume 2 + 3 with additional information about: Engine Management, ABS Brakes, Air back, Electrical 1990 onwards. Bound in 2 heavy books
$ 89,95 - £ 49,95

Lotus Esprit Workshop Manual, all models 1993 - 1999. Lots of pictures and drawings.  The 3  volumes contains the following chapters: Technical Data, Engine, 4-cylinder + V8 engine. Technical Data -Vehicle. Front and rear suspension. Maintenance 4-cylinder engine and V8. Transmission, Wheels and tyres. Steering, Cooling, Electrics, Clutch. Engine Management 4 cylinder and V8. Brakes, 4-cylinder engine with Delco Moraine ABS and the brakes for the V8 engine with Kelsey Haynes ABS. Air back, driver only and dual.
$ 179,95 - £ 99,95

For the chassis, body, fuel system, heater/air condition, see the
Lotus Esprit, Workshop Manual, 1988 - 1992,
Volume 1, main volume
$ 89,95 - £ 49,95

The complete set for the new Lotus Esprit cars 1993 - 1999:
price on request.

Lotus Workshop Manual, also known as Lotus Service Notes, or Lotus Shop Manual, is always complete, 500 to 1600 pages. The manual is written in a good and informal style. Each title contains hundreds of illustrations, both line and cutaway drawings, and is written in a clear and concise style to enable yourself or your professional mechanics to carry out virtually every repair and service operation possible on your Lotus.
If you own a Lotus you need them!

Your local garage doesn’t have them! Please state model and year.

Lotus Parts List or Parts Book show all parts in clear cutaway drawings and numerical order. It is very easy to order original Lotus parts with these lists. Don’t make an expensive error! Buy the right list, buy the correct part.
If you want to look up any part for your Lotus, use the Lotus Parts List (USA: Lotus Parts Book) and if there's a fault with your Lotus, check out the Lotus Workshop Manual BEFORE you take it to a dealer. 8 times out of 10, you can diagnose the problem yourself with these books.


Lotus Esprit S I, S II, Parts List, 1976 - 1980. Including some road tests, pricelists and sales material.
$ 69,95 - £ 39,95

Lotus Esprit S III,  Parts  List,  1981  -  1987. Covers all parts.  Including Lotus press release, dated 9th April 1981
$ 69,95 - £ 39,95

Lotus Esprit Turbo, Parts List, 1981 - 1987. The Turbo Esprit featured in James Bond 007 film "For Your Eyes Only". Clean reprint of the Factory Parts Book with latest additions and corrections dated 1991 and a new chapter.
$ 69,95 - £ 39,95

Lotus Esprit Turbo, Parts List, 1980 - 1987 USA CARS ONLY.  Incl. H.C.I. (High compression Injection) and Carburettor models.
$ 69,95 - £ 39,95

Lotus Esprit Turbo, Parts List, new model, 1988 -1992.  USA VERSION, X180.  Including Supplementary Infltable Restraints (S.I.R.) and ABS components.
$ 69,95 - £ 39,95

Lotus Esprit Turbo SE Charge cooler, Parts List, 1989 - 1993 models.
$ 69,95 - £ 39,95

Lotus Esprit, Parts List, 1988-1992. All models, including the SE models. This Parts List covers all Esprit variants. A summary of the model history over this period is included in the introductory section, and could be referred to together with the VIN to establish the exact vehicle variant before embarking on any part number search.
The Parts List includes, in some cases, several versions of a particular function code in order to cater for different specifications.
A supplement for USA 1993 models is included, also some information about the Sport 300 model. Very heavy
$ 89,95 - £ 49,95

Lotus Esprit, Parts List, 1993-1996. All models, incl. 300 Sport, S4S. Without V8 cars.
$ 89,95 - £ 49,95

Lotus Esprit V8, Parts List, 1996 - 2003, incl. V8, V8 GT, Sport 350 and GT, GT3 four cylinder variants. One volume.
$ 89,95 - £ 49,95


Lotus Esprit. The Story So Far. William Taylor has written this book especially for the US market, including a foreword from Arnie Johnson, president Lotus Cars USA. 50 pages, large format 34 x 31 cm, all pictures in colour. Lots of information about the V8 twin turbo cars. Not for sale outside the USA, except here. The signed and numbered Editions are limited to 250 copies, and numbered accordingly.
$ 129,95 - £ 75,95


Lotus since the  70s.  Volume 1: Elite, Eclat, Excel, Elan. Graham  Robson, Full information along with the usual comprehensive appendices covering specs, production figures and performance. 130 pgs., 130 b/w ill., 8 colour
$ 27,95 - £ 14,95

Lotus since the  70s.  Volume 2: Esprit, Etna, V8 engines. A collector’s guide from  Graham  Robson. This popular book brings the history, development and the competition history of the Esprit up-to-date. Comprehensive appendices cover specs, production figures, performance. Recommended by Club Lotus GB. Hdbd.  130 pgs., 130 ill.,
$ 27,95 - £ 14,95

Volume 1+2 together:
$ 34,95 -  £ 19,95

Lotus Esprit, Jeremy Walton. Superb photos and very rare archive shots backed by many first-hand interviews. Great resource about the early esprit. This is a great book all about the development of the Lotus Esprit from the first twinkle in the eye of the creator to the 1989 restyling. Lots of info about the cars and what changes were made when, as well as pictures and reviews of the cars. If you are planning to buy a Lotus Esprit, you need it. The book is concluded with a buying guide, which although it was written over ten years ago and therefore the prices are somewhat adrift, is still useful today when looking to buy any Esprit, whether it be old or new.
Throughout the book, not only are period road tests included, but also first hand interviews with members of staff, which given the benefits of hindsight, describe the problems they encountered and how they were overcome. All the text is illustrated with copious quantities of colour pictures of all the Esprit models produced, including pictures of the assembly lines and other oily bits.
Overall a very enjoyable insight into the behind the scenes work involved in producing the Esprit, and heartily recommended to any fan of the Esprit or Lotus in general.
There are full technical specs and practical advise. Well illustrated, 200 pgs.,  Soft cover,
$ 29,95 - £ 14,95

Lotus Esprit,  Gerard Crombac. Speed and style in it’s finest form. Specs, data, cutaways of the Esprit SE from Hethel. 95 pgs., 17 b&w, 60 colour ill. of the fascinating manufacturing process and exceptional colour photographs capture the style and beauty of the Esprit. Text in English, French, Italian. Only here in stock!
$ 39,95 - £ 24,95

Lotus Esprit Buyers Guide, Graham Arnold. The early models. 30 ill. 28 pgs. Reprint.
SALE! $ 3,95 - £ 1,95

Lotus Esprit   S1, S2, S3, and S4S, and the fast Turbo models. Colin Pitt has published in his very small run series a collection of driving tests, racing reports of a wide variety of English and US motoring magazines. All pages are b/w. Pictures are reproduced in “British made!" quality, but the text is very good readable. Soft cover, up to 120 pgs.
$ 18.95 - £ 9,95