Lotus TC Engine.  Miles Wilkins. A Comprehensive Guide to the Design, Development, Restoration and Maintenance of the Lotus-Ford Twin-Cam Engine, which was used in such cars as the Lotus Cortina, Lotus Europa and 47, the Elan and 26R, the Lotus and Caterham Super Seven and the Ford Escort Twin-Cams. A must for Lotus fans.  Contains chapters on the history and development of the engine, specification and warnings, engine identification, parts situation, and - of course - how to rebuild the famous Ford Lotus Twin Cam engine. Many instructive photos and illustrations. 300 ill. and extensive details cover the engine. 232 pgs.  The first edition is out of print.  Here as  reprint with an extra chapter, soft cover.
$ 34,95 - £ 19,95

Ford Escort MK I Twin Cam, Workshop Manual, 200 pgs., Reprint of the factory supplementary manual, issued 1970 by Ford of Great Britain, hardcover.  Engine, Clutch & Gearbox, Cooling,  Electrical System, Fuel, Maintenance. Good value with road tests, sales literature and other unusual but useful additions about the engine. Very helpful if you need more information about a TC engine rebuild.
$ 49,95 - £ 26,95

Ford Lotus Twin Cam Engines. General Information. Short version about the 1600 cc engines, built between 1962 - 1974, soft cover. Good value!
$ 5,95 - £ 3,95

Ford Cosworth FVA, FVC. General Information. Designed for Formula 2, a new 1.6-litre category inaugurated in 1967. Enlarged engines for racing sports cars of up to 2.0-litre capacity.
$ 13,95 - £ 6,95

Ford Cosworth DFV engines. General Information. Coming end of 2004.
$ 13,95 - £ 6,95

Tuning Twin Cam Fords, pocket book from David Vizzard, 74 pgs., b/w. Reprint  from the seventies pocket book. Softcover
$ 19,95 - £ 9,95

Ford Escort RS 1600, BDA. Supplementary Workshop Manual. 1970 Ford England. Subject engine, bolt torques, clutch & gearbox, cooling, fuel, electrical system.  A parts  list and lot of clean cutaway drawings of the BDA engine. Recommended by Cosworth for rebuilding all their BDA engines. Some road tests on the Escort RS. Reprint, hardcover, more than 300 pgs. Including are all the data from Cosworth Engineering for the 1.6 litre BDR engine, (Caterham Seven 120, 150, 160 and 170 bhp versions). This book is very hard to find, only here in stock!
$ 49,95 - £ 26,95

Cosworth BDA Engine. General information.  BDA. BDD, BDE,  BDG, BDH, BDM,  BDR,  Engine Specifications and Data sheets for the road and racing engines. Do you know the difference between
BDB 1700 cc,
BDC 1700 cc,
BDD Atlantic 1598 cc,
BDE 1790 cc,
BDG 1975 cc,
BDA 1601 cc,
BDH 1298 cc,
BDJ 1099 cc,
BDM 1598 cc,
and the BDR 1600 cc and 1700 cc (170 bhp) which was used in the Caterham Seven.
Reprint of original Cosworth material. 45 drawings and lots of technical information. Soft cover, very helpful!
$ 29,95 - £ 15,95

How to rebuild & Power Tune Weber Carburettors. Des Hammill. About the Weber DCOE and Dellorto DHLA carburettors. 25 x 20 cm, 112 pages. Over 140 mono photographs/line illustrations. Enlarged, revised and updated edition - complete with extra illustrations. All you would want to know about the world’s most famous and popular high-performance sidedraught carburettors. Covers all Weber DCOE & Dellorto DHLA carburettors. Strip & rebuild, tuning, jetting & choke sizes for road and racing cars. Softback. 25 x 21cm.
$ 26,95 - £ 14,95

How to rebuild & Power Tune SU Carburettors. Des Hammill. Soft back. 25 x 21cm, 64 pages. 73 black & white photographs/illustrations. All you could want to know about the world's most famous and popular high-performance sidedraught carburettors. Application formula gives the right set-up for your car. Covers all Weber DCOE & Dellorto DHLA carburettors. Strip & rebuild, tuning, jetting & choke sizes. Enlarged, revised and updated edition - complete with extra illustrations.
$ 26,95 - £ 14,95

Weber Carburettors. Tuning, Overhaul, Specification Tables, Workshop Manual for the Type 38 to 48 DCOE. 62 pgs. Incl. original equipment jet setting list. Reprint of the original Weber workshop manual with lots of drawings and pictures and additional information: Original equipment jet setting list etc.
$ 11,95 - £ 6,95

Coventry Climax Workshop Manual, FWA, FWB, and FWE engines:  40 pgs. FPF (1.475 cc): 4 pgs. The Fire pump FWP, manual and complete parts list. Original specification sheets and sales material. Several other articles about the history of Climax engines. A very hard to find reprint, 300 pgs., with colour title from my stock
$ 34,95 - £ 19,95

Coventry Climax Racing Engines: The Definitive Development History, by Des Hammill. In the 50s & 60s Coventry Climax engines powered many race-winning cars, including some driven by Stirling Moss & Jack Brabham. To get the true inside story, the author, an engineer, has talked to all surviving Coventry Climax personnel who were involved with the racing engines. The author was given full access to all of Walter Hassan's papers, photographs and engine drawings. After 30 months of original research and writing, this book describes exactly how these famous engines developed from industrial fire pumps to the Hillman Imp, from Le Mans winning Lotus Elites to Formula One winners driven by Stirling Moss and Jack Brabham, right through to the company’s takeover by Jaguar in 1963.
Viewed through the eyes of an engineer, and the detailed recollections of those who were there, this is a fascinating account of the trials and tribulations of leading edge race engine design from 1952 to 1966. This book contains Engine Codes, FPE - V8 2.5 Liter Grand Prix Engine, FW - Four Cylinder In-line Engines, FPF - Four Cylinder In-line Racing Engines, FWM - Four Cylinder In-line Engines, FWMV 1.5 liter V8,  1.5 Liter - FWMW - Flat 16,  2 Liter FWMVs, and Appendix - Technical specifications of all Climax engines. 192 pages 75 b/w pictures.
$ 30,95 - £ 16,95