Lotus Elan. A Restoration Guide. Gordon Lund. A practical manual written with the home restorer in mind. Well illustrated and with clear instructions this manual guides the amateur through dismantling, cleaning and repair and rebuilding. Chapters cover where to start with a car, stripping down the Elan, body and chassis restoration, electrics and concourse presentation. Includes many diagrams. 128 pages, 200 pictures, some in colour. Soft bound.
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Lotus Elan. Duncan Wherret shows the difference between the Elan variants, incl. pictures of the Elan 26 Racing and the rare Hexagon Estate in full colour photographs. An excellent profile including comparisons with the modern Lotus Elan M100. 128 pgs, 115 ill. all in colour. Very good value.
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Authentic Lotus Elan Plus 2. 1962 1974. Essential Data and Guidance for Owners, Restorers and Competitors. Second edition, green cover, now with a additional chapter about the Elan +2 model. Paul Robinshaw & Christoher Ross, both active members of the British Lotus Drivers Club have very deep personal knowledge that makes for a book that bristles with facts. Information for owners, restorers and competitors of the Elan. Including a model identification, specification and performance comparisons. Very important is the chapter Replacement Parts and Sources. A list of equivalent parts and alternative suppliers. The author’s research and attention to detail has culminated in a comprehensive volume that will enhance the enthusiast’s understanding of the subject and assist in the tasks of renovation, restoration, and preparation. It is full of facts figures, and data. The reproduction quality of the photographs is good and there are plenty of them. And there are some interesting shots of components from terminally damaged engines with the warning that you intent to rev the unit beyond 7,000 rpm you  should use forged conrods. 168 pgs., 250 ill. With some additions from the Elan designer Ron Hickman himself! Sold out worldwide! Here in stock!
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Lotus Elan - The Complete Story. On its launch in 1962 the Elan took the motoring world by storm. This book from Mike Taylor traces the conception, development and production of the original Elan from its roots to the end of production in 1973, and then looks at the new Elan, launched in 1989. Lotus Elan - The Complete Story also contains tips on buying, maintenance and restoration, as well as addresses of Lotus clubs and specialist outlets worldwide. 208 pages, 25 x 19 cm, paperback,  new shape
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Lotus Elan, Coupe, Convertible and the +2. Sold out world wide. Ian Ward has a deep personal knowledge. Contents include: History; Evolution; Specification; Yellow cover, 136 pgs. with 120 b/w nice pictures, well presented. Here in stock since 1984.
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Lotus: The Elite, Elan, Europa. Chris Harvey takes a critical look at those early cars. praising where praise is due but never being afraid to criticise when that is deserved either - an aspect of this classis car book that has been particularly appreciated by enthusiasts. 248 pgs. 100 b/w, 16 colour plates.  Contents: Racing cars for the road / The Lotus Elan / The brave new Europa /  Elite, Elan, Europa in competition / Buying and restoring / Interchangeability of spare parts / modifying the Elite, Elan, Europa. Sold out world wide.
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Lotus Elan Buyers Guide, Graham Arnold, Club Lotus GB. Small booklet with information, invaluable advice for the prospective buyer plus hints and tips on driving, maintenance. Reprint, 58 pgs.
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The Lotus Elan and Europa, John Bolster. 128 pgs., 136 ill., very good / well known book, first published in 1980. Still a strong seller. about the second phase of Lotus history. This book tells all about these models, including the faults. Well illustrated with some tabulated reference material.
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Lotus Elan. Ultimate Portfolio 1962 - 1974.This new book replaces the Brooklands Gold Portfolio on the Elan which is now out of print. A portfolio of contemporary reports covering the Elan S1, 2, 3, 4 & S4 Sprint, Plus 2, Plus 2S & the Plus 2S 130 through to the +2S 130/5 in both coupe and convertible form. Included are road tests, new model introductions, specifications, technical & performance data plus an owner survey & buyers guide. 216 pgs over 350 ill. Some in colour.
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Lotus Elan Workshop Manual, S I, S II models only. 100 pgs., black & white, very clean reprint of the early edition from the Cheshunt factory, with much additions and more information about the 26 R Racing Elan.  Reprint
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Lotus Elan S I, S II Master Parts List, published by the Lotus factory at Cheshunt in early 60’s. Shows all the original Lotus suppliers such as Armstrong, Borg & Beck, Girling, Lucas, Triumph. More information about the 26 R Racing Elan. Reprint
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Lotus Elan Workshop Manual. S I, S II, S III, S IV and the rare Elan Sprint model. 500 pages. Only this  book has the Sprint chapter with lots of extra information, colour front plate. Only available here.
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Lotus Elan Parts List, S I, S II, S III, S IV, covers all parts, all models, incl. carburettor, TC engine and gearbox. Helpful, if you would like to order parts from the dealers. The Parts List has exploded views of all components with the original Lotus part numbers. With very nice colour front page.
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Lotus Elan +2 Workshop Manual.  500 pages, 2 heavy volumes, hardbound. Incl. the 5-Speed gearbox and all wiring diagrams. With additional restoration reports, buyers guide and history of the +2. Only available here from stock:
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Lotus Elan +2 Service Notes and Parts List. 1967-1969. Published 1969 for the very early models as short Workshop Manual and a very clean Parts List. reprint in b/w with some unusual information about the early cars.
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Lotus Elan S IV Owners Handbook, Sprint model, 46 pgs., green cover, old stock from the factory in Hethel
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Lotus Elan +2 Owners Handbook, all models, 46 pgs.,
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