C L I M A X  E L I T E

Lotus_Elite.jpg Lotus Elite - Racing Car For The Road. The Lotus Elite was first introduced to a startled public at the Earls Court Motor Show in October 1957. Show goers were amazed to see a beautiful streamlined coupe that no one, outside the tiny Lotus works in North London, knew was coming. The car’s fluid and almost delicate shape concealed an all fibreglass monocoque, an all aluminium SOHC engine, four wheel independent suspension, and four-wheel disc brakes.
The Elite began design trends visible even today and the car has been listed in every passing decades list of motordom’s most significant automobiles. That the car came together as a result of the work of a committee whose chief stylist was an accountant is almost beyond belief. The fact that one of Colin Chapman’s design criteria was that the Elite be a road car capable of a class win at the prestigious Le Mans 24-hour race was remarkable. The fact there followed six consecutive class wins and several index victories in this race as well was incredible.
The story of how the Elite came to be and how it progressed through its production life was first told in the book entitled, “The Original Lotus Elite, Racing Car For The Road” published by Newport Press in 1977. An attempt was made to unravel the mysteries, and there were plenty of them, and to tell the tale of the Elite’s place in motoring history. Unfortunately, no one knew Dennis Ortenburger and therefore many important doors to information were closed.
The result was a reasonably accurate story of what the car was all about but woefully inadequate in the “why” and “how” and “by whom”. Besides the numerous blind alleys there were also the inevitable errors.
This book is based on that first work with his green cover, but has corrected all of the mistakes. Luckily the author’s first attempt gained enough notoriety to encourage those who were there at the beginning to come forward and volunteer (sometimes rather forcefully) their help in getting history right. Besides innumerable factual changes this book contains the reminisces of virtually everyone involved in the design and early production of the Elite. Many of the personalities associated with the car throughout its production life, including racers and Elite dealers in both the UK and America were interviewed in the years following publication of the first book. Although several have since passed away, their recollections are inside to read and enjoy.
“Lotus Elite, Racing Car For The World” is not meant to be a “nuts and bolts” treatment of the car but rather an explanation of what is so fascinating about this automobile above all others. The genius, charisma and talent of the personalities involved with the car are examined as are the intrigues and the mysteries. If the story of the Lotus Elite was told as a novel, readers would believe it to be pure fantasy. Hopefully, this book will convince otherwise.
400 pictures & drawings. Incl. a complete list of all original  owners. Book of the year 2003!
Standard Edition. Blue cover
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Special Edition. With your requested chassis number and signed by the Author, presented in a silver Perspex slipcase with Lady Godiva badge.
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The Original Lotus Elite. Racing Car for the Road. Volume 1. Green cover. 136 pgs., 186 ill. First Ortenburger book about that car. A most revealing and comprehensive look at one of the most beautiful and technologically advanced cars of its time. Published 1977, soft cover. Sold out wordwide and very hard to find now.
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Lotus Elite, Second book from Dennis Ortenburger. The original Lotus Elite (not to be confused with the ugly 1970s version) broke new ground in car construction. A fibreglass monocoque was something that was revolutionary at its unveiling in 1957. Even now many cars can only match its 0.29 drag co-efficient. Covers development, design, club racing, marketing, restoration maintenance, and includes a source list. Incl. a complete list of all owners. Foreword by John Wagstaff. Published in 1990. 258 pgs, 240 ill., grey hardcover, sold out world wide, originals here in stock.
$ 49,95 - £ 27,95

Lotus Elite 1961. By Tadashi Morita. Soft cover with technical drawings and beautiful photos about a restoration of the  famous Climax Elite. Has 114 pgs. in Japanese, but 120 b/w & colour pictures and 80 technical drawings. Very unusual.
$ 49,95 - £ 27,95

Lotus Elite, 1957-1964, Very early Brooklands publication, yellow cover. 100 pgs. with 38 road tests from 1957 to 1980. New and used, driving impression, comparison with the Elan, appreciation and description, are all included. Paperback, available from my stock.
$ 23,95 - £ 12,95

Lotus Elite, Limited Edition. Second Brooklands edition. 1957 - 1962. Road and track tests, new model introductions, technical appraisals, performance data, driving impressions plus a comprehensive case history and profile, trace the progress of the Lotus Elite from its introduction in 1957 until production ended over six years later. 92 pgs, approx. 200 illus.
$ 20,95 - £ 10,95

Lotus Elite. David Phipps, small booklet about the famous Climax Elite. Printed in the early seventies. Original, not a reprint in stock. 12 pgs. Very hard to find.
$ 14,95 - £ 6,95

Lotus: The Elite, Elan, Europa. Chris Harvey takes a critical look at those early cars. 248 pgs. 100 b/w,   Contents: Racing cars for the road / The Lotus Elan / The brave new Europa / Elite, Elan, Europa in competition / Buying and restoring, Interchange-ability of  parts / modifying the Elite, Elan, Europa. Sold out worldwide.
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Lotus Elite, Technical Abstracts. A booklet with very good tips for the restoration of the car. Published some years ago by Club Elite USA.
$ 32,95 - £ 17,95

Lotus Elite, Handbook. Harry Hales,  pub. by the Club Elite USA. Everything you need to know if you would like to drive or maintain your Climax Elite.
$ 12,95 - £ 6,95

Lotus Elite S II Climax, Workshop Manual. Reprint with 136 pgs. incl. large competition supplement and a spare parts list for the famous ZF gearbox. Not the same as published by Club Elite. This edition has a lot more pgs. Hardcover.
$ 69,95 - £ 39,95

Elite Electrics & Additional Information. Maintenance instructions for Lucas Electrical Equipment, fitted to the Lotus Elite. A small reprint from the rare “Sports car & Lotus Owner“ magazine with a parts list.
$ 2,75 - £ 1,95

Coventry Climax Workshop Manual, FWA, FWB, and FWE engines:  40 pgs. FPF (1.475 cc): 4pgs.  The Fire pump FWP:  Now enlarged to more than 200  pgs. A very hard to find reprint with colour title, specification sheets, sales-material and press reports.
$ 34,95 - £ 19,95

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