How to Restore Fibreglass Bodywork & How to Restore Paintwork. Miles Wilkins, (was chairman of Club Elite). New paint for your Elan, Esprit & Europa. A full, practical guide to the use of fibreglass materials in the repair of your Lotus car bodywork. Very well illustrated. The author is a master craftsman in its use. This book focuses on one thing, fixing and painting broken fibreglass. If you can get past the British spellings and jargon, it’s a good book with very useful hands-on techniques for fixing your bodywork. 256 pgs., 180 ill. Reprint of these two long time out of print books. Bound in one volume.
$ 49,95 - £ 24,95

Lotus Model Cars. 28 pgs., a (complete?) list of all existing model cars. No illustrations.
$ 5,95 - £ 3,95

Formula Juniors Racing Cars Remembered. B. Cowdrey on 120 pgs. about the early Alexis, Bandini, Brabham Cooper, Elva, Lola, Lotus cars.
$ 34,95 - £ 19,95

Lola Race Cars, 1962 -1990, pictorial review of the cars and drivers, that helped make Lola famous.
$ 24,95 - £ 13,95

Lola History, 1957 - 1977,  Volume 1. John Starkey. Get the inside scoop on all of the 63 Lola types build between 1957 - 1977, plus fascinating story of Eric Broadley, the man behind the company. All the information you’re looking for on Lolas single seater and sports racing cars.
$ 64,95 -  £ 35,95

McLaren Race Cars, 1965-1996 photo album. A collection of McLaren race cars in action, From early Elva MK1A to F1 cars. 112 pgs., 106 b/w photos
$ 24,95 - £ 13,95

Reynard Story. FF to Indy. The story. All models.
$ 35,95 - £ 20,95

The Anatomy & Development of the Formula Ford Race car. USA, Steve Nickless about the history of that famous formula. The evolution from a converted Lotus 22/31 with production Ford Cortina engine for racing school up to the inboard  everything F1 technology Swift. 180 pgs., 130 ill. Sold out worldwide. Here in stock as reprint, b&w, colour front.
$ 39,95 - £ 22,95

A-Z of Formula Racing Cars, 1945-1990. David Hodges. Abarth to Zimmerman, here is an exhaustive guide to the racing cars built to the major international formulae: thousands of types build by more than 500 constructors through four decades. Beyond Formula One, it covers Formula 2, Formula 3000, Formula Junior and F 3. Soft bound, 280 pgs, 756 b&w ill.
$ 35,95 -  £ 19,95

Lola, the Sports Racing & Single Seater Racing Cars. 1978 - 1997. John Starkey, (Lola T70 owner/racer), Esa Illoinen & Ken Wells. Cloth hardback + jacket. 250 x 207mm. 176 pages. Over 100 mainly colour illustrations. The illustrated record of all Lola cars from 1978 to 1997. The knowledge of three experts pooled to provide full detail on all the different types of Lola - single-seaters and sports racing cars of this period.  Lola, a British company, is probably the world's best-known & best-respected builder of racing cars, including Indy cars for the USA. This unique volume covers all the Lola cars - sports racing and single seater - built since 1978. Companion volume to Lola - The Ill. History 1957-1977
$ 64,95 -  £ 35,95

Portraits of the ’60. Formula 1 has to be incredible value for money. from the well known photographer Rainer Schlegelmilch. A nice touch is the last chapter - where are they now?  324 pgs., over 500 b/w ill., very often unpublished before, a large format, very heavy, and a low price.
$ 33,95 - £ 19,95

Also available: The Great Challenge No. 2 The Stewart Era. This hefty volume is much more than just a photo album. It is a collection of favourite shots with the brief biographies of Stewart and eight of his contemporaries: Amon, Hill, Hulme, Ickx, McLaren, Rindt, Siffert, Surtees. Pricey, but beautifully presented and thoughtfully laid out.
$ 299,95 - £ 189,95